animating a still image

So I have been playing around lately with animating images, something just a little extra from the still image.  I discovered this program called plotagraph that allows you to animate certain areas of… Continue reading

Outtakes: 3d printing for MAKE magazine

Just some quick tear sheets from a job I did back in late summer for MAKE magazine.  These printers were amazing!

Outtakes: Luis Von Ahn for Delta Sky Magazine

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing innovator and entrepreneur Luis Von Ahn for Delta Sky Magazine.  This was one of those rare instances where I have actually photographed the subject before (I… Continue reading

Pixelstick- the future of light painting?

So over a year ago I backed a kickstarter campaign for an ingenious light painting device called Pixelstick.  Fortunately the campaign was a success and the good people at Bitbanger Labs began production.… Continue reading

Tech versus Art

Director Robert Rodriquez speaking about the process of editors working with the newly created process of digital editing (avid). They thought that’s not editing.  Editing is…(motions with his hands the movement of celluloid… Continue reading

Half way done with the kickstarter backed personal project

Haven’t had the chance to post in awhile on account of being crazy busy, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to talk a little bit about a project I’ve been… Continue reading

WE DID IT…AGAIN!!!! kickstarting your stretch goal.

Well I am once again happy to say that not only have we exceeded our original goal of $4000, but we have now exceeded our stretch goal of $5000 by $10!  That’s 125%… Continue reading

WE DID IT!!!! Now what?

Very exciting news, we met and exceeded our kickstarter goal with 9 days to go!  I couldn’t be more excited about it and I am so anxious to get things going.  With the… Continue reading

Kickstarting a kickstarter

Ok everybody, here’s the deal.  I’ve been kicking (no pun intended) around the idea of doing this particular series for years and I’m finally now going to bite the bullet and make an… Continue reading

Light Heavyweight Boxer Cian Dalton

Super quick frame grab from my shoot today with light heavyweight boxer Cian Dalton

“Life after Us” Cd cover

Just a quick concept shoot I did awhile back for a local band, “Life after Us”. This image is there cover shot for their latest EP “The rest is silence”. Check it out!

Restriction breeds creativity

I recently heard a great interview between the musician Jack White and late night host Conan O’brien.  The crux of the discussion centered around Jack’s creative process and how he often uses restriction… Continue reading

“By this time …

“By this time I’m visible for both good and bad reasons I guess. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to make the pictures that I’ve been able to make, because they’re… Continue reading