From Soup to Nuts-Superman Part 2

Ok, so last week I left off with the sketch. This week I’m going to go over some of the pre production work that went into making this setup. First of all I needed to find a suitable phone booth. In this modern day of cell phones, this was a pretty tall order to come by. I happened to stumble across one a couple of months back when I was walking through a local park. The phone had been ripped out ages ago but the basic form was still intact. The next step involved getting the local parks conservancy office on the phone to obtain the right permit to photograph in their park. I talked to the man in charge, told him what I was doing and when I wanted to do it, and if it was possible to shoot in their area. He said sure and he would send me a permit in the mail. After a couple days of waiting on the mail, the permit showed up and I was off to shoot this phone booth. The only problem was that the booth had mysteriously vanished since last time I saw it. After much searching of the area, I found it buried under a bunch of weeds and debris in a corner of the park. It wasn’t much but it was a start. Lighting was pretty simple, a single alien bee 800 set at max power shot into a reflective umbrella off to camera left with the exposure dialed in to allow the ambient light to peak in as well. I stood on the top step of my step stool to get the angle (you should have seen the looks I was getting from people driving by, very interesting.) All in all, the whole thing lasted 20 minutes tops. The next step was to get ahold of a convincing Clark Kent ensemble. After some initial playing in the mirror with my hair (yeah, not gonna work) I decided on a vinyl superman wig I found on ebay. A white button down, colorful tie, sensible slacks, and those all so important spectacles and superman shirt rounded out the look. With all of the attire out of the way, it was time to begin experimenting with green screen!
See you next week!