From Soup to Nuts- Superman Part 3

When last we met our hero shot had progressed to the point where principle photography was about to begin. This would include the green screen shots of myself and some of the extra goodies like the suitcoat and glasses. I wanted to keep it simple but at the same time keep the lighting in line with what I did for the phone booth. I decided to do a reflective umbrella on camera left for the main illumination and a grid spot to pick up highlights on the shirt and the side of my face. To round it out, I added a third light to make sure the background was nice and shadow free. This was my first attempt at using a green screen and I must say I was pleasantly suprised at how well it worked. The whole point of using the chromakey background was to make it easier later on when I went to isolate the subjects from the background. The only problem I ran into was having a bit of the green walls reflect in my wig, which I solved by moving myself further from the background. After that it was just a simple matter of taking the shot, reviewing it in the camera to see if it was going to match the angle and lighting, rinse and repeat. The same could be said for the suitcoat, glasses, and newspaper, just a simple matter of matching angles and lighting again.
Next week: the joys of photoshop!