What do you do when your in a rut?

Lately I’ve been getting frustrated shooting the same things day in and day out. Its not that I’m complaining, a bad day photographing is better than a good day doing anything else, its just that sometimes I run into a creative rut. My way to combat this is to photograph something totally out of my realm. Take this past week for instance, I photographed three separate genres of photography over the period of three days. The first was something more along the lines of my style with a very thought out and deliberate lighting setup. The second was much more of a high fashion feel, something that I don’t normally do, and the third was straight up rock and roll, in your face band photography, which I’ve only ever done once before. All three shoots required a different way of looking at things. The first was more about the style and color, the second about the look and emotion, and the third about the persona. It was a great exercise in thinking outside of the box and it opened up my mind to the potential of new ideas. My point is that when you feel yourself slipping creatively, open yourself up to the possibility of stepping outside of your comfort zone. More often than not, you will surprise yourself at how rewarding these types of experiences can be and it allows you to take a step back and really evaluate how you photograph. I knew by the end of the week I was a better photographer because of it.

See you next week!