“WONDERLAND”-down the rabbit hole we go!


So after much thought, scheming, and generally working myself up into a tizzy, I’ve finally decided to put into action a long term project that I’ve been kicking around for years.  The idea of doing a retelling of Lewis Carroll’s famed Alice in Wonderland has intrigued me since well before I picked up a camera.  I’ve always been enthralled with all the quirky little nuances that the book could portray visually.  I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be neat to do my own little Alice story with my own little spin on it.  Why not?  Countless other artists have attempted to tackle the subject, why shouldn’t I put my own notch on the proverbial tree trunk?

Well, the answer for the longest time was the lack of the way to create this world that was spinning inside my head.  When I first thought of the project, digital photography was in it’s infancy.  The ideas that I had in terms of creating the environment were just too broad of a scale.  It simply could not be done on a poor man’s budget.  Now with the advent of digital technology, almost anything is possible! Compositing is a strong aspect of my work and this particular subject matter seems to be tailor made for it.  So…with out further ado, I formally announce the “WONDERLAND” project!

Over the next several months I will be knee deep in the pool of tears, I will be debating whether or not I should eat or drink what is in the small inticing bottles, and I will most certainly be questioning whether or not we are all, in fact, mad.  For the past month I have been heavily involved in preproduction, mainly in casting and wardobe.  I have been fortunate enough to obtain the talents of the wonderful Ali Pace of Down with Fashion clothing, along with the amazing abilities of makeup artists Shana Lohr and Adrienne Pace.  Their unique visions and expertise will allow me to do what I do best,  x 10.

So check back to this blog often for updates, outtakes, videos, pics, and walkthroughs on how the project is progressing.  I’m hoping we can all find a little wonderland in all of us!