Passion of the wife

“This is your Dad’s ATM card!” my wife exclaimed yesterday as she furiously tore through the business mail that had been sitting on the banister for the last 4 days.  “OK” I said “I’ll give him a call later to let em know I got it.”  She looked at me like my hair was on fire.  “I don’t think you understand, this is your Dad’s ATM CARD!”  I stared blankly at her and spoke slower, the way an American speaks to someone who doesn’t speak english with the hope that by slowing it down they will magically understand.  “OK, what exactly is the issue?”  Now before I continue, a little background information may be required.  You see, my wife works for a major banking corporation doing what I equate to as  “high-tech banking stuff”.  Shes been doing it for a long time and shes very good at what she does.  Now back to the story at hand.  My wife goes on to tell me (in great detail) exactly why this is such a big deal and how it needs to be investigated immediately.  I give her my best deer caught in the headlights look and respond “….OK”.  She flies out of the house to catch the bus and I go about making some morning coffee.  At 7:41 a.m., a mere 25 minutes later, I get a text message on my phone. “card is 4 jt account w/ ur sister. her address at mailing was ours…”.  I stare blankly at the screen still trying to process what she was talking about before going back to drinking my coffee.  6:00 rolls around and she arrives back home to tell me exactly what happened (again in great detail).  When my enthusiasm level wasn’t deemed acceptable, she proceeded to call my mother to recant the tale (also, yet again, in great detail).  While all of this was happening something dawned on me.  My wife is incredibly passionate about what she does.  She eats it, breathes it, and lives with it.  I can’t imagine being able to do what she does for as long as she has without being passionate about it.

Wether you are a visual artist (which I imagine the majority of the readers of this blog are), or you are a corporate banker or whatever, it takes passion to really leave your mark.  Without passion for what you are doing, you really are just going through the motions.  Passion is what motivates you to create that next spectacular image or , in my wife’s case, to track down the discrepancy within the system like a bloodhound.  The important thing is that you acknowledge that passion as part of what you do and you cultivate it.  I guarantee that your creative endeavours will prosper from it!


"My wife is the undaunting Lois Lane to my lowly superman!"

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