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Boy 2009 was  a great year!  Thought I would show some quick work that I had completed at the end of the year that I’m particularly proud of.  Back in November I had the opportunity to photograph the former Welterweight boxing champion Paul Spadafora for a local publication.  Having seen Paul fight in the past and hearing about some of his run ins with the law, I really wanted to capture a more reflective mood than a cliche’d boxers pose.  Paul had been in prison for a while and the story was focusing on the tatoos he adorned himself with.  Apparently each one had a different story.  We made the trek up to Erie Pennsylvania where Paul was hosting a big fight later that night.  Paul was very gracious and forth coming about his past and how he was planning on taking back the title.  I was really impressed with his attitude, it can’t be easy to fight your way back to the top after going through what he’s gone through.  I truly wish him luck.

Paul Spadafora

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