Life After Art School

When I initially came into this industry, I was apprehensive about how to go about “making it”.  I had questions like “how do you survive in an industry that is going through such a huge evolution? ” Or “should I be focusing on these new emerging technologies, or is it just a passing fad?”  To be honest, I’m still searching for the answers to some of these questions.  I can only imagine being a graduating student now coming into the profession- the future must looking exhilarating and terrifying at the same time!  So, I thought why not use some of these new technologies to get the word out to a lot of these emerging photographers on how people just like themselves are in fact “making it”.

“Life After Art School” will be an ongoing interview process in which I will be talking with a variety of people in the industry about the state of our profession.  Hopefully it will provide some insights into how many of my colleagues are not just surviving in an ever changing industry, but thriving.  If you have any suggestions for future topics within this series, drop me a line!

Special thanks to Travis Neely, Rob Harkey, Erica De la vega, Rosalie Messina, and Matt Blassey for their time and interest in the project!

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