Killing time at a coffee shop…with the iPad

As luck would have it (or fate depending upon how you look at it), the Pittsburgh marathon has thrown a wrench into my shooting plans for the day. Therefore, I am currently blogging to you from the new ipad while sipping on a divine cup of coffee (at voluto coffee shop on Penn ave. For those foursquare folks out there). So I figured what better way to share my review than with a true blue, in the field testing.
What can I say about the iPad that hasn’t been said already. It’s sleek, elegant, and responsive. The screen size is voluminous, in gorgeous, colorful detail and the intuitive nature of the interface is something you would come to expect from the creators of the iPhone and iPod touch. Now for the real nitty gritty, how does it work for photographers? My initial thought process for using the iPad was really just as an electronic portfolio. However, once I became acquainted with the wealth of applications and multimedia abilities, I quickly realized that I could do so much more with it. Instead of just showcasing my photography, I could upload behind the scenes videos of our photoshoots, or interviews that we shot for this blog. This way, I could show my clients additional materials and capabilities well beyond a traditional “brick and mortar” portfolio. In addition to this, I found I can use the device as a virtual concept and mood board. I can draw out any concept (using the sketchbook pro app, very cool), flesh out the lighting diagram for my assistant (using the strobox app), attach it to a materials list pulled from the Internet (using the iPad) and then publish my shoot progress real time via my social networks (twitter, Facebook, etc.). In this regard, it’s become an amazing productivity tool.
Now, you’re probably asking what’s the difference between this and a laptop or a smartphone? Quite frankly, it bridges the gap between the two. The laptop lacks the on the fly portability and ease of use of the iPad ( Its much easier to pass around the iPad at a production meeting than a laptop, plus you can draw right on it) and the smartphone just doesn’t have the screen space to really showcase pictures, videos, concepts, etc.
All in all, I think the iPad is a great step in the right direction for forward thinking visual artists. I’m very curious to see how other creatives are utilizing the technology. In fact, post your experiences with the iPad here. I’d love to hear what you think!

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