Does your vision match your technical skills?

Great post today over at the Chase Jarvis blog which really got my head spinning about creative vision. Lately it seems many a photographer is getting hung up on the tech and gadget side of things (especially with the newer crop of HDDSLR’S that are popping up) and spending less time on crafting their own personal creative vision. It got me thinking about my own personal work and what drives it. For me, I rely on a strong narrative. The way that I see things is steeped heavily in the idea that everything has a backstory. I think it adds a much stronger foundation for a quirky, interesting picture. How do I go about honing that vision? Simple. Take everything you see and give it a context. For example, if a guy is walking down the street, I could ask myself where is he going, what is he doing, what reason does he have for wearing what he’s wearing? All of these questions lead to visual answers within the photograph (or more visual questions, which can be even more interesting!) Just some food for thought. What is everyone else doing to fine tune their creative vision? I’d love to hear from you!

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