Strictly Business 3, Day 2- Part 2


Getting ready for another presentation

One thing I want to speak about here briefly is about the technology leap from the last SB3 (which I believe was just 2 or 3 years ago) to this SB3.   It’s amazing the current state of the tech environment, never has there been a time in history when information and content has been so widely and freely distributed within a global context.  Here at the conference, if you look left and right you see people typing feverishly into their the smart phones and ipads. Within seconds, pictures from the conference are showing up on facebook, twitter and flickr. Truly amazing!  I think we as photographers have an amazing opportunity to capitalize on this new technology in ways that can prove beneficial and profitable to our businesses.

After Jay’s presentation we broke for lunch, which was provided by the hotel in their banquet room.  I talked with a wonderful fine art photographer out of Baltimore who was doing some really interesting stuff using the theme of corporate satire.  Very cool stuff that you should check out.  After lunch was over, we split up for our afternoon sessions.  The final two workshops I had for the day were Strategic Estimating with Jeff Sedlik, and Secrets to driving traffic to your blog with Rosh Sillars.  First up was the estimating workshop with Jeff.  Jeff has been in the industry for a long time and his insight into the world of photo estimating is invaluable.  I think what amazed me most is the lengths that we have to go to as photographers to protect our intellectual property.  Jeff was relaying a story where a photographer was suing a client for breach of contract and the client was claiming that he never received the terms and conditions page spelling out his obligation.  The sticking point in court was that the contract stated “see terms and conditions on reverse page” but the file was sent to the client as a pdf so there was no reverse page.  Crazy right?  They were trying to get away with claiming that they never saw it because there was no reverse page. Scary stuff.

The last presentation of the day was Rosh Sillars social media workshop.  I have attended one of Rosh’s workshops in the past and I found it to be enlightening.  I do quite a bit of social media marketing and I’m always looking for new ways of getting my name out there.  Rosh’s presentation covered the basics of web presence: website, blog, twitter, facebook, etc. but he also went over some other sites that I haven’t been taking advantage of like posterous, woopra, quora, tmblr, etc.  I’ve recently added some of these outlets to my marketing focus and I’m hoping they make a difference. One thing that I really liked about Rosh’s presentation was the idea that givers gain.  What he means by that is the more you are willing to promote others the greater the chance that those people will promote you is pretty high.  I really like this idea and try to use it within my social media efforts.  I figure we are all in the business of promotion and the more we help each other the more successful we will all be.

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