My most discerning client and how to deal with her

Emma eating Cereal

My most discerning client

My daughter is at that age now where she is deciding what her likes and dislikes are.  Take for instance our daily lunchtime feeding.  She loves bananas, hates sweet peas, loves apples, hates green beans, loves peaches, hates mixed vegetables (sensing a theme yet?).  When approached with something she loves its all giggles and smiles. When approached with the offending vegetable regime its tantrum time.  At first it was frustrating and downright morale breaking (I have much less hair now to prove it) but after awhile we came up with a simple solution.  Take what she really likes and mix in a bit of what she doesn’t like. In a nutshell it was a compromise.

Which leads me to my point.  If we can take this kind of attitude to our clients and show that we are willing to work around and mix things in to get the best possible results for all parties involved, then everybody walks away from the table feeling like they have done their job.  We aren’t getting anywhere by being rigid and inflexible, except maybe out the door in our clients’ eyes.  If we can just stop and see for a moment if there is a solution in which everybody comes out on top by creative problem solving, then those clients are going to come back to you for future work.  Compromise really works.  In the case of my daughter she gets a fun filled dining experience and I get a happy baby and a mixed fruit/veggie smile!

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