Cool stuff going on!

photoshop user magazine pictures

article in photoshop user magazine

Hi all! I haven’t had the time to really posting anything for awhile (obviously) as I have been very busy with a lot of very cool happenings and promotions. I was recently featured in the member showcase of Photoshop user magazine, as well as the D-town TV video podcast which was very cool. To be honest, I didn’t even know what D-town was until someone brought it up to me on twitter! I was honored to be included in both media outlets and I hope people dig what I had to show them.

Another super cool thing, and this may only appeal to the comic book geek in all of us, but they are filming the latest batman movie here in Pittsburgh, The Dark Knight Rises!!!!  We took a run over to the set while they were filming in Oakland and would you believe I got a chance to shoot a little video of the batmobile?!?!?!?!  Holy golden opportunity batman!!!!

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