Inspiration and how to bottle it

I just finished up back to back speaking engagements on my take on the photographic landscape and I had a couple of great questions that I wanted to delve into further.  What better way to expound upon that than a blog post you ask?  Good question!  One of the things that came up in both discussions was where do you get your inspiration from and how do you implement that into your work process.  I have thought about it alot over the last couple of years and I’ve distilled it down to two main things: Hollywood and pop culture.  The majority of my work has really been derived from what I’ve seen on the silver screen.  Take for instance this shot of some boy scouts in the woods.  campfire storiesYeah, it’s ripped straight out of Friday the 13th.  How about the image of the inept knife thrower?  Oddly enough that one comes from Dumbo (think circus, big top, sideshow, performer, I’m sure you can kinda get the picture).  Heck, my Christmas cards come directly from scenes out of Christmas movies!  Most of the time its just the feel of a movie that’s enough to spur ideas.  I’m working on a mini series right now that was inspired by the feeling and darkness of the movie Seven.  It’s important to identify what your inspirations are in order to better cultivate them.

Now, on to the cultivatin!  I’ve recently discovered an amazing app for the ipad and that has opened up so many creative possibilities for me that it’s making my head spin.  Its called Storyboards Premium and what it is is an app that allows you to create a scene based upon pre generated program content.  What I mean by that is it takes the drawing work out of the equation (and thank god because I really suck at drawing).  If I need a man standing in a scene facing a certain direction it has that available.  What if I need that same man to have his back facing camera? Not a problem, already pre-drawn and ready to go.  Need a street scene or office setup? No problem there either, just find the architecture or prop menu and your good to go.  I’m really not doing this program justice in my description, you have to go see it for yourself.  It has streamlined my concepting and allowed for a more concrete representation to my collaborators than I ever could with a drawing.  If your into concept boarding, you need to check this out.