promo video and contest help!

I’m finally finding time to update you all on some of things I have going on.  I just finished up a marketing push which involved a specialty package with a high quality business card (a moo. com luxe line) along with a personal letter to each potential client and a mini portfolio displaying my more recent work.  I have sent a few out and the response has been outstanding, resulting in a few face to face meetings!

promotional video displaying my latest marketing efforts

I also am in need of your help.  I recently entered a photoshop contest in which I think I have a good chance at winning.  It’s voter based so I need all the votes I can get.  Please take the time to go to to vote for my image (mine is the alice in wonderland image, down the rabbit hole).  You can vote right up till August 3rd so vote often!  I really appreciate all the support everyone has given me over the course of my short career, I hope to continue pushing the envelope and bringing out some killer work in the next few months!