looking forward to 2013

Instead of looking back on 2012(which has been a fantastic year), I wanted to spend some time looking forward towards some of the projects and initiatives I want to start in 2013.

1. Rebranding: an entirely new look including a new website, logo, and social media presence.  This has been a long time coming, I have been feverishly working on a new look for my website as well as a marketing rebranding to more accurately portray the type of work I enjoy doing.  I will be making the jump from a bigblackbag.com website to a livebooks.com scaler site.  I’m very happy with the look so far and it should roll out in the next couple of days.

2.  New Work:  Along with a new website goes new work.  I have spent the last couple of months creating new work specifically for the website and I’m happy to say I am finally satisfied with what I have created.

3.  Learn a new cgi software package:  I recently picked up a high end cgi 3d software package that I am looking forward to learning in 2013.  With this, my imagination is truly my only limitation.

4.  Shoot more:  Really simple in theory, hard to do in reality.  I have two small kids and its amazing how fast they grow and how many moments I am missing.  To fix it, I recently bought a fuji x100 with the hopes of photographing more day to day happenings.  I’m hoping this will open up new ways of approaching how I think creatively.

5.  Photo book projects:  I want to do a photo book or two going into the new year.  I’ve always had a book project of some kind on the back burner for years, its time to finally make it reality.

Happy holidays everyone and I wish you all luck in the new year!!!