Tech versus Art

Director Robert Rodriquez speaking about the process of editors working with the newly created process of digital editing (avid).

They thought that’s not editing.  Editing is…(motions with his hands the movement of celluloid between an editors fingers).  So when you’re editing a movie on film, that’s just the technology.  The art form is the manipulation of images to tell the story.

Robert Rodriquez

This is a quote taken from a great documentary entitled “Side by Side” which delves into the differences and similarities of digital versus traditional film making.  They interview quite a few high profile directors, editors, and cinematographers; I just found this quote from director Robert Rodriquez to sum it up beautifully.  Honestly, who cares about the tech?!?  In the end I’m all for whatever affords me the greatest and most convincing way I can tell my story.