Pixelstick- the future of light painting?

So over a year ago I backed a kickstarter campaign for an ingenious light painting device called Pixelstick.  Fortunately the campaign was a success and the good people at Bitbanger Labs began production.  Fast forward to the present and my kickstarter backed pixelstick has arrived!  The unit comes unassembled, but construction was pretty straight forward.  The craftsmanship is rock steady, with precision manufactured metal assemblies and sturdy thumbscrews.  The unit itself consists of a couple hundred programmable LEDS running in a vertical sequence. Attached to this housing is the sequencing module which throughputs whatever image you feed it via an integrated sd card reader.  The best way I can explain how the unit works is it takes a .bmp file and scans that file column by column through the vertical LEDS.  As you move from left to right during a timed exposure, the completed columns form a coherent image.  The whole thing is really quick amazing as you can not only create whole images but also complex shapes and patterns.  The possibilities are really only limited to your imagination with this.  I played around with it for a day and these are some of the images I came up with.  My mind is running wild with all the possibilities!



20140906-DSCF1357 20140906-DSCF1359 20140906-DSCF1370 20140906-DSCF1374 20140906-DSCF1379 20140906-DSCF1386 20140906-DSCF1406