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Day of the dead makeup and hair timelapse

this was a lot of fun!  Just a quick behind the scenes video of our day of the dead photoshoot.  Special thanks to Shana Lohr and Jason Zarelli for all their hard work!… Continue reading

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

As some of you may know, every year I do a christmas card based on a popular christmas movie or tv special.  The process allows me to flex my creativity and I get… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts- product images

Something slightly different today. Rather than give you a super complicated composite image to talk about, I thought I’d go to the opposite end of the spectrum and talk about a pretty straight… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts- Campfire stories

To start the new year off I figured I’d do another beginning to end post on a recent personal project I completed.  As visual communicators, I think it is incredibly important to hone… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts-I give you the Griswold Family Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hopefully you’ve received this years Christmas card (for those who haven’t and would like one, just shoot me an email with your address, and with that comes the “making… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts- First image from WONDERLAND

I have been getting some questions lately on the whole process of this wonderland thing and I thought it might be interesting to talk a little bit about that.  We have completed the… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts- Merry Christmas!

In this month’s installment we are going to take a look at the creation of a specialized image designed for the use of a promotional mailer. Since it’s Christmas time, I wanted something… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts-vampire diaries

I recently was reading a blog posting from a fellow photographer friend of mine in which he was talking about student photographers staying motivated. Having been out of school now for the past… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts-Rainbow Power!!!

So I have had this idea for a long time of doing a photoshoot where it would be raining smiley face balls onto a willing participent while she is under the protection of… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts-Making new Memories at Kennywood

So a couple of weeks ago I had the rare opportunity to not only work with the fabulous Ali Pace of Down with Fashion, but we also were able to do a location… Continue reading