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Outtakes: 3d printing for MAKE magazine

Just some quick tear sheets from a job I did back in late summer for MAKE magazine.  These printers were amazing!

Outtakes: Luis Von Ahn for Delta Sky Magazine

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing innovator and entrepreneur Luis Von Ahn for Delta Sky Magazine.  This was one of those rare instances where I have actually photographed the subject before (I… Continue reading

Half way done with the kickstarter backed personal project

Haven’t had the chance to post in awhile on account of being crazy busy, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to talk a little bit about a project I’ve been… Continue reading

WE DID IT!!!! Now what?

Very exciting news, we met and exceeded our kickstarter goal with 9 days to go!  I couldn’t be more excited about it and I am so anxious to get things going.  With the… Continue reading

“Life after Us” Cd cover

Just a quick concept shoot I did awhile back for a local band, “Life after Us”. This image is there cover shot for their latest EP “The rest is silence”. Check it out!

Restriction breeds creativity

I recently heard a great interview between the musician Jack White and late night host Conan O’brien.  The crux of the discussion centered around Jack’s creative process and how he often uses restriction… Continue reading

latest work

I recently had the opportunity to do some corporate portraiture for a company here in Pittsburgh. Here is one of the stills that they ended up using.  Tell me what you think!

Day of the dead makeup and hair timelapse

this was a lot of fun!  Just a quick behind the scenes video of our day of the dead photoshoot.  Special thanks to Shana Lohr and Jason Zarelli for all their hard work!… Continue reading

The financial power of a creative idea…to the tune of 4.05 billion dollars…

Never let it be said that someone’s creativity isn’t economically viable! It was announced earlier today that Lucasfilm and several of it’s subsidiaries will be sold to the Disney corporation to the tune… Continue reading