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animating a still image

So I have been playing around lately with animating images, something just a little extra from the still image.  I discovered this program called plotagraph that allows you to animate certain areas of… Continue reading

Pixelstick- the future of light painting?

So over a year ago I backed a kickstarter campaign for an ingenious light painting device called Pixelstick.  Fortunately the campaign was a success and the good people at Bitbanger Labs began production.… Continue reading

Strictly Business 3, Day 2-Part 1

On Saturday we were up bright and early at 7:00 to partake in the continental breakfast before the workshops began.  The Canon reps were there showing off some of their new equipment, including… Continue reading

Strictly Business 3, Day 2- Part 2

  One thing I want to speak about here briefly is about the technology leap from the last SB3 (which I believe was just 2 or 3 years ago) to this SB3.  … Continue reading

ASMP Strictly Business 3

Hi everybody! Well we arrived in Philadelphia yesterday morning an hour and a half late thanks to the glorious weather. Luckily timing wasn’t as much of a factor since I didn’t have any… Continue reading

Killing time at a coffee shop…with the iPad

As luck would have it (or fate depending upon how you look at it), the Pittsburgh marathon has thrown a wrench into my shooting plans for the day. Therefore, I am currently blogging… Continue reading

baby cam

So I’m planning a trip to somewhere much warmer than Pittsburgh and I decided it was time to buy a decent point and shoot camera. I bought a point and shoot for my… Continue reading