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animating a still image

So I have been playing around lately with animating images, something just a little extra from the still image.  I discovered this program called plotagraph that allows you to animate certain areas of… Continue reading

Day of the dead makeup and hair timelapse

this was a lot of fun!  Just a quick behind the scenes video of our day of the dead photoshoot.  Special thanks to Shana Lohr and Jason Zarelli for all their hard work!… Continue reading

Inspiration and how to bottle it

I just finished up back to back speaking engagements on my take on the photographic landscape and I had a couple of great questions that I wanted to delve into further.  What better… Continue reading

Cruisin, on a Sunday afternoon…

The wife and I decided on an impromptu short vacation to Harrisburg (Hershey Park specifically) and I figured what better time than sitting in a car for three hours is there to get… Continue reading

Books, books, and more books…

I thought it might be helpful to post some of the resource material that is currently in my office library. I find these books and magazines to be essential both in inspiration and… Continue reading

Interview in Debris Magazine

Just got the word in that an interview I did for Debris Magazine back in March has hit the internet airwaves. You can check it out at, let me know what you… Continue reading

First try at HD video

For those out of towners who follow my blog a little back story may be needed.  On Saturday the city of Pittsburgh suffered a horrible tragedy when 23 year old Richard Poplowski opened… Continue reading

Red Five I’m going in…

So I was making my daily rounds on the blogsphere this morning and I came across this little gem over at Chase Jarvis. Apparently the people at Red Camera have blown the proverbial… Continue reading

Self promotion commotion

We’ve all agonized over it. How do you as a photographer promote yourself to the world. If your like me, I’m sure you have spent many a sleepless night wondering if your approach… Continue reading