Inspiration and how to bottle it

I just finished up back to back speaking engagements on my take on the photographic landscape and I had a couple of great questions that I wanted to delve into further.  What better… Continue reading

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

As some of you may know, every year I do a christmas card based on a popular christmas movie or tv special.  The process allows me to flex my creativity and I get… Continue reading

New work!

Boy I just realized that it’s been ages since I have updated anything on this blog.  Time to dust off the pages and see what’s new!  I have been quite the busy little… Continue reading

Cool stuff going on!

Hi all! I haven’t had the time to really posting anything for awhile (obviously) as I have been very busy with a lot of very cool happenings and promotions. I was recently featured… Continue reading

My most discerning client and how to deal with her

My daughter is at that age now where she is deciding what her likes and dislikes are.  Take for instance our daily lunchtime feeding.  She loves bananas, hates sweet peas, loves apples, hates… Continue reading

Words of wisdom from master Yoda

“Luke: I don’t, I don’t believe it Yoda: That is why you fail.” Call it Cheesy, call it kitchy, call it hokey, but I think the little green guy is on to something… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts- product images

Something slightly different today. Rather than give you a super complicated composite image to talk about, I thought I’d go to the opposite end of the spectrum and talk about a pretty straight… Continue reading

Strictly Business 3, Day 2-Part 1

On Saturday we were up bright and early at 7:00 to partake in the continental breakfast before the workshops began.  The Canon reps were there showing off some of their new equipment, including… Continue reading

Strictly Business 3, Day 2- Part 2

  One thing I want to speak about here briefly is about the technology leap from the last SB3 (which I believe was just 2 or 3 years ago) to this SB3.  … Continue reading

ASMP Strictly Business 3

Hi everybody! Well we arrived in Philadelphia yesterday morning an hour and a half late thanks to the glorious weather. Luckily timing wasn’t as much of a factor since I didn’t have any… Continue reading