From Soup to Nuts- Campfire stories

To start the new year off I figured I’d do another beginning to end post on a recent personal project I completed.  As visual communicators, I think it is incredibly important to hone… Continue reading

2010, the year in review

2010, what can I say, you’ve been good to me. I’ve had the great fortune of working with some wonderful and creative people. My photographic adventures have ranged from some great band photos… Continue reading

Does your vision match your technical skills?

Great post today over at the Chase Jarvis blog which really got my head spinning about creative vision. Lately it seems many a photographer is getting hung up on the tech and gadget… Continue reading

Big changes

So for those of you who don’t know me in person, there have been quite a few big changes in my life as of late. First and foremost, the soon to be addition… Continue reading

Killing time at a coffee shop…with the iPad

As luck would have it (or fate depending upon how you look at it), the Pittsburgh marathon has thrown a wrench into my shooting plans for the day. Therefore, I am currently blogging… Continue reading

Exhibition was a success!

Hello all!  Well Friday was the party to wrap up this massive Alice in Wonderland project and I am so glad everything is finally completed.  We had a small get together at a… Continue reading

Life After Art School

When I initially came into this industry, I was apprehensive about how to go about “making it”.  I had questions like “how do you survive in an industry that is going through such… Continue reading

Up, Up, and Away

My mother and father, teachers and collegues all said…what you’re doing, the creative thing, is not a wast of time.  If you want to be creative, get out there and do it, it’s… Continue reading

“Wonderland” Photo trailer!

Almost there!  This is the photo trailer to the long in production “Wonderland” project I’ve been working on for the last year (special thanks to Jeff Zoet for the creation of the video!). … Continue reading

Latest work

Boy 2009 was  a great year!  Thought I would show some quick work that I had completed at the end of the year that I’m particularly proud of.  Back in November I had… Continue reading