Self promotion commotion

We’ve all agonized over it. How do you as a photographer promote yourself to the world. If your like me, I’m sure you have spent many a sleepless night wondering if your approach… Continue reading

What do you do when your in a rut?

Lately I’ve been getting frustrated shooting the same things day in and day out. Its not that I’m complaining, a bad day photographing is better than a good day doing anything else, its… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts- Superman Part 4

Alright, now on to the part that I think everyone has been waiting for…wait for it….wait for it….THE JOYS OF PHOTOSHOP!!! (echo reverberates throughout the land.) Anyways, the best way to approach something… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts- Superman Part 3

When last we met our hero shot had progressed to the point where principle photography was about to begin. This would include the green screen shots of myself and some of the extra… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts-Superman Part 2

Ok, so last week I left off with the sketch. This week I’m going to go over some of the pre production work that went into making this setup. First of all I… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts-Superman Part 1

Due to circumstances beyond my, ahem, control (curse you playstation 3!) I’m a day behind on my blog post. So, in the interest of keeping things moving forward I am going to try… Continue reading

When your given lemons…

I recently had an editorial portrait published that has an interesting story. I was contacted for an assignment that involved photographing a local artisan working on some of his jewelry. Ok, no problem,… Continue reading

From Soup to Nuts- zipper face

Ok, so I’ve gotten a few questions about how I did one of my photographs so I thought I would post the before and after. The bulk of the image was done with… Continue reading

CD cover for a talented local artist

Just finished up with some post production work on the upcoming CD for the very talented miss Molly Maiolo. I would define her music as alt-classical rock, if that is a classification! Definitely… Continue reading

First post, Photoshoot!

Hey guys, since this is my first post for the new blog, I thought I would kick it off with a small video of a photo shoot I did not too long ago… Continue reading